What is Advanced Warriors ? In 2 simple words it is “Interactive Entertainment” for the Mobile phone and DVD. When we say “Interactive” we mean it ! AW has been pre-filmed to allow you, the viewer to make dozens of choices throughout the film which varies the story according to your choice.  Using the skills of CGI & production company LightWorX combined with the post production facilities at First Cut, we have shown the world of entertainment that it has a new medium - that medium is Interactive Film !


The Advanced Warriors story takes us to a parallel universe, in which the planet Argonia exists in the same place as our Earth. Argonia is set upon by an invading horde (the Sirroms) and the Guardian Force of the planet which has held a watchful eye over the planet for over a thousand years has to find a way to save Argonia.

In desperation, the Guardian opens up a parallel rift between the 2 worlds and selects 4 warriors from Earth’s timeline.  These “warriors” have the inert DNA strands that mark them as potential saviors of Argonia.  The Guardian, using his all but forgotten ancient art , manipulates the DNA of the ordinary people plucked from obscurity. This manipulation brings to the surface the abilities within them - turning them into the “Advanced Warriors”.

The DVD includes the full length interactive film, documentaries, self defense film, bloopers and more!